Wednesday, February 3, 2010

We are finally here!! In Mumbai!!

Can't believe we are sitting in our hotel in Mumbai.

We had a great flight over, arriving at the airport at 2am in the morning.
 We then faced a sea of Indians, with signs waiting to collect passengers.....we both became very panic stricken when we couldn't find our names on any of the many signs being held up. Finally asked someone looking official, that we were looking for the Ramee Guestline Hotel and he kindly pointed us to our driver....(phew what a relief!).....we then ventured to some dimly lit car park where we were then greeted by someone over friendly, greeting us and welcoming us to india, who shook our hands and helped us with our luggage etc, then promptly asked "porter money!!". At this point in time we didn't have any rupee money, and stated so....he replied with "any money!!"....Doug then frantically started to look for some Australian change we had floating in our bag which he was having great difficulty was all becoming very suspicious, when the driver promptly told Doug to get in the car and sit down, "SIT, SIT!!" he said. It then became obvious that this guy was just after money, and the driver just wanted to remove us from the whole situation....we drove off with the driver saying, "where are the police", "he wants drinking money"......we then drove to our hotel passing through every red light, dodging stray dogs and any car in our path along the way.
 After arriving at our hotel the staff were very friendly.....but again still had no rupee money to tip....couldn't tip the driver, who hung around us at the reception with a friendly smile for quite a while, and then couldn't tip the porter who helped with our bags to our room,.....who also hovered in our room for around a minute or so waiting for a tip......felt awful not being able to tip.....SHOULD ALWAYS HAVE RUPEES BEFORE COMING TO INDIA IN FUTURE!
 We then hit the sack about 4am, and slept soundly in a very comfortable bed until around 9am. Made it down to breakfast before it closed, enjoying yummy freshly cooked eggs (Doug being curry mad, had to have spicy cajun potatoes which he infoms me were nicely chillified).
 At breaky had a call from Dr Sudir, asking if we would like to meet up, so were picked up by Vikas, one of the clinics drivers at 11.30. Arrived at the hospital, after a very hectic ride (can't work out if Mumbains are the worst drivers or the best drivers in the world), and finally met Dr Sudhir and Dr Yash. Had a good chat about procedures etc, had a couple of blood tests and then went for lunch with them. Very nice meal with two very nice people. Vikas then picked us up and took us back to the hotel. On the way back, we saw our first cow, which, oblivious to the busy traffic, was lying in the middle of the road.
Will be going to SI offices tomorrow to meet with surrogate in the afternoon.hope to go for a wander around Juhu beach in the morning, will be investigating the Juhu restuarants this evening.
All good so far, SI very good, hotel very good, Indian people warm & friendly.


  1. OMG!! great to hera all is well, no make those eggs!! and embies!!

    are u sure we wont see each other?

  2. Ooops I meant NOW make those spelling, hehe

  3. We leave for Goa on Saturday and then don't return to Mumbai until the 21st, so I don't think we will see each other :(
    You will be in our thoughts though :)

  4. Welcome Kerry, sounds like we missed you before you left for Goa, and we will likely be at home with our babies by the time you're back in Mumbai.

    On the currency thing, "officially" you're not supposed to take Indian currency out with you when you leave and so similarly may not be able to find some abroad bring some in with you. There is a State Bank of India ATM just before you exit the customs area and we've each time picked up a small amount to tide us over.

    Wishing you the best for your cycle!

  5. Hi Kerry! It was so nice to meet you both and we are thrilled we were all able to spend time together. I truly appreciate all of your support and advice while recovering from surgery. THANK YOU! Enjoy Goa and best of luck when you're back in Mumbai. So happy you're moving into the Novotel - you'll love it! Sending lots of baby dust and best wishes your way. xoxo Please keep in touch...