Friday, October 16, 2009

HIgh demand for Indian egg donors

Need to get my act together !! I have had an email from SI, stating that they have high demad for egg donors and advise us that we need to "freeze"" an egg donor soon.
We are still waiting for our passport which will take another 10 days approximately, which is part of the necessary paper work before you can commence looking at donors.
I am getting nervous that we will miss out on "freezing"" a suitable donor.

I suppose we all want the perfect donor......lets hope there is one left for us!! A lovely Indian lady that produces lots of good quality eggs. If only my eggs were up to scratch!!

Sometimes I really have to pinch myself that we are actually doing this.....I believe it will all become very real when we do start to look at donors....BIG decisions ahead.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Information Overload ??

I have been reading so many great blogs and I now feel that I am getting more nervous the more I read.
I know this may sound silly, but you start to question your decisions.

I suppose sometimes you do have to go with your gut feeling on things, I may live to regret this comment who knows.......but the deeper I look into things the more frightened I become.

I think I need to stop worrying and just concentrate at the job at hand...i.e sorting out our passports. Both our photos were duds...Doug's was too dark and I was smiling with my teeth showing. So I am having to get our photos redone and re-signed.....DAMN!!

Once we have our passports, time to send off our enrollment forms, enrollment fee, copy of passports, copy of marriage certificate, and a photo of us both to SI.

Need also to get all blood tests and semen analysis completed in November.
Have sent an email to SI to find out the number of egg donars and surrogates we will have to choose form around our time in India in February, I await to hear their response.
I have also asked about embryo transfer, amount of...and on what day.... they transfer. Also asked about freezing costs of sperm and embryos. Just wanting to know a few bits of info before we jump head on in with our I say...nervous now after reading so many great blogs....really you can never have too much information...and I think the closer we get the more nervous I become.

Let's hope this nervous feelin turns back to excitement soon !!