Monday, September 20, 2010

Our surrogate has been admitted to hospital

We received an email from the Doctors from SI on Saturday night.
Email stated that the amniotic flid is low and blood flow to the baby is restricted to due high pressure. They have now admitted our surrogate into hospital for close observation.

Our surrogate is now under the care of Dr Soni who is minitoring things very closely on a daily basis.

We have been sent into a flap with this news as you can imagine!!!

Doctors are hoping that baby will hang on until 36wks, but feel there is a high chance that the baby may need to be delivered sooner.

Planned C-section for around the 18th of October if all goes to well, but I have a strong sense that we will be meeting our little one sooner rather than later.

Time to get super organised and get the baby case packed!!

We had flights booked for November 6th, time to rearrange everything; good job we hadn't booked accomodation.

Amit is calling us tonight, our plan was to stay in apartment accomodation at the Marriot Lake Side. We will now just have to hold off on booking anything. Like Dr Yash said, if the baby comes sooner than 36weeks, it will stay in the hospital for some time, so staying in a hotel or at the hospital would be OK.....I think a hotel would be preferable from all accounts of the hospital accomodation. Hey But at the end of the day, just being there is what is important, not how fancy the accomodation is :)

I am remaining positive and calm. This situation is completely out of my control and I will just need to go with the flow and roll with the punches.

I will keep you all posted......sending positive vibes to our lovely surrogate. I will send her some flowers tomorrow, not much fun for her being cooped up in hospital.