Thursday, February 11, 2010

Having a Blast in Goa

Well, so much has happened since our last post.

We had a great time in Mumbai. Meeting our surrogate was a very special moment. She came to the SI clinic with her husband and Son, (who was only seven years old and very cute). The whole family looked very happy and healthy. The Husband spoke a little English which was great, but even then, it was very hard to know what to say. I was pretty dumb founded by the whole situation......not really knowing what to say or ask. Our surrogate C made very little eye contact, but when she did, it was lovely. She had a beautiful smile, which i had not seen on her profile picture. We did give the family some small gifts, but C did not want to open them there, she appeared embarrased. The whole meeting took around half an hour or so. Silly me forgot to take our camera (can you believe it!!). So lovely Gopa from SI took some photos for us, and will hopefully eventually email them to us.
We had alot of time speaking to Gopa at the clinic which was great. She told us lots of useful information about her role in caring for the surrogates while they are pregnant. She had a very positive and calming nature and made me feel at ease immediatley. We were able to look around where the surrogates stayed for there 2ww. The surrogates were very welcoming and I recognised many faces from looking at profiles previously. I sat on one of the beds with two of the surrogates and some how had a small conversation with them, with help from Gopa. It was a very reassuring experience.
Before leaving for Goa, Doug did his deed at the Hospital, (seman sample for freezing), without any hiccups.
During our time at the hospital we met a lovely American couple who are also using the SI team.They were going through there ET process and all appeared to go very well. We were able to all meet up for a meal later in the evening which was very nice, also meeting up with Amit our travel guy. Amit has truley been great during our whole stay thus far.
While meeting with the Docs at the hospital, we were told that our dates had changed for EPU as our donor had commenced her period. I was exstatic!!! Everything was going to plan, it just meant that we would shorten our time in big deal. So we now head back to Mumbia on the 15th for EPU & ET two days later, staying for five days (all going to plan).
We have then arranged to head up to northern India to take in some more sights.....why not!!May as well make the most of our time over here.
So Amit has sorted us out some great deals....we can't thank him enough for his knowledge of india and arranging everything for us.

We are having a lovely relaxing time in Goa......just what the Doctor ordered after the rush of Mumbai. You can not fail to relax over here....sunshine every day, great food, nice beaches, and loads of tourists.
It is almost like little Britain over here!! Alot on English where we are staying in Candolim.
We hired some scooters and had a GREAT time looking around...a bit scary BUT loads of FUN.
Also went to some massive markets at Anjuna yesterday and got some really cheap stuff.
Everything has been amazingly cheap...makes for a GREAT holiday.
So five more days in paradise, and then we head back to Mumbai. Really hoping that this amazing trip is going to be topped off with some amazing results with SI. Everything has been very positive so far. Lets hope it continues..........

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