Saturday, January 2, 2010

2010 Here we come!!

Hope everyone has had a great Christmas, ours was lovey, catching up with family and friends.
New Years was great also, went to a great fancy dress party, I dressed as Xena The Warrior!! Actually feel that this dress up was quite appropriate for me this I feel I am going to need great strength, courage and fight for what we are about to take on.

Things continue to move forward.....we have recently spoken to Armit the travel expert connected to the SI team, he is letting us know about accomodation options, and will help us also arrange a get away in Goa after our time in Mumbai with the SI Team. He was very helpfull, we are awaiting his email with all the details, hope to get it soon.

We have both now completed our base line blood tests and Hubby has done his seman test, just need the results to come back fine and dandy. Hubby was told he had "super sperm" when we were doing all our IVF cycles, so lets hope it is still in good form......if not.......we will be up the creek without a paddle.....and I suppose we will just end up having a trip of a life time to india without surrogacy treatment. I really do believe that this will not be the case though. Hubby is contacting the Doctors tomorrow for his results, so keep your fingers crossed for of us being infertile, is enough, thanks very much!!

Need to find out about vaccinations and malaria tablets ASAP. I think I will email the SI doctors to find out if Doug especially needs to have any vaccinations, as we don't want to harm his sperm in any way. Nothing like leaving things to the last minute.

Most people who know me, know how layed back I can be......but I think I may need to step into action....quick smart now....get some lists happening and all that stuff!!

Went into Adelaide between Christmas and New year to organise our Indian Visas. Just waiting for them to come in the post now, normally takes about five days apparently.

Decided to organise a bit of a get together with close family and friends Janurary 29th just before we head off to India. We have been very open with all our friends and family about our surrogacy journey and everyone is battling along with us offering great support.

I, at times, have been hesitant to tell some people, not knowing how thay will react. Whereas Hubby has told just about every man and his dog.....he is very excited and positive about the whole process, and doesn't give two hoots about what other people think!!

I have had a very scary dream just recently where we arrive at the SI clinic to find that they are completely unaware of who we is a horrible feeling.....after all these months of organising things over the internet, you just hope that when you do arrive in India you will get greeted with open arms and expectation....but like I say in my dream they look at us as if we are from a different plant and have no idea who we are!! It is horrible what tricks our mind can play on us!!
Any way better get moving. Best of luck in 2010 to everyone on this surrogacy journey, no matter what stage you may be at.....we are all in it together!!


  1. Sounds like you are ready to rumble. I'm sure his tests will come out perfect especially if he has documented super sperm! Your husband can get all the vaccinations he wants and can/should take anti malaria drugs (this is what the docs told me). Its much much easier for the man than the woman. I can't wait to hear about your travels and experience. Best wishes for 2010!

  2. Great to hear from u Kerrie...we didnt take any vaccinations and we were fine. This time of year in India isnt hot or rainy and no mosquitos, it actually very pleasent weather....we did fine but its up to u. They give the guys meds when they're in india if you prefer.

    We are staying at the VITS, and will be there from feb. 8th to the 20th...i cant wait to hand out and meet you guys. Happy New Year!!

  3. Hi Kerry,

    you can always email me!! Cant wait to catch up in India!!