Monday, March 8, 2010

So Far So Good.....

Well, we spoke with the good Dr's .....and so far so good. We have a POSITIVE result!!!!!
Beta level of high 100's, 174 I think they said.
I still don't believe it......all feels very unreal.
They emailed us telling us congratulations, so I suppose at this stage we are pregnant......just really feels very strange.
We are both VERY happy, and really have no words to describe how we feel.
Just need to keep hanging on for more positive mind is doing backflips!!!

My heart goes out to Mandy, my dear surro really doesn't feel nice posting our positive news, when you have just been kicked in the guts.....our love and thoughts go out to you hun, they really is so hard to stay positive, but hang on in there.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Back in OZ......2WW

Well...our time in Mumbai with the SI team was VERY positive.
We ended up retrieving 10 good eggs from our beautiful donor, nine of which fertilised.
4 Grade A's, 4 Grade B's and then a dodgy one.
So we now have x3 embies hanging on for dear life (I hope) in our lovely surrogate.

Our last week in India post transfer was VERY busy.
We took a trip up to North India to see theTaj Mahal, Jaipur, Delhi etc and had a fabulous time.
It was good to keep busy.
We had a driver for 7 days that was just brilliant, who went out of his way to make us comfortable.

We had a VERY bummpy landing on Monday coming back to Adelaide. I was terrified......we almost landed and then had to suddenly abort the landing due to strong winds. Second attempt worked a treat, but, was very scary. Wouldn't like to do that again.

We are now back in the land of OZ, and we're both glad to be home, even though our time in India was amazing.

This weekend we hope to be receiving a call from the SI team to let us know our results. We are both feeling VERY positive, good karma all around. But what will be will be, we can't do or change anything now, it is all in the laps of the gods.

We have got frozen embies, so we have a back up if necessary. And we have both said that we would not hesitate to do it all over again. We are in this for the long hall.

Hope to be posting positive news soon x

Had to post these pics. Our early morning visit to the Taj :)