Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Back in Mumbai to do the Business

We've arrived back from Goa - which was fantastic by the way - will return there one day soon.

We have spoken to Dr Yash today and EPU is now scheduled for Thurs 18th Feb. Egg transfer will be Sat 20th. Fingers crossed for success.

We are staying at Gordon House Suites, which is pure luxury, very close to airport and we have access to Waterstones Country Club which is next door - which means hobbknobbing with the who's who of Mumbai - lol.

Although it was our 2nd time in Mumbai, still can't get used to the beggars banging on the car windows at every traffic light! Don't mind giving them food or drink, but money is a no no.

Relaxing for the week, and then off to North India next week until we head home. Will try to avoid the staff directing us to so called bargain shops as we now know they are on a commission (however shopping is good and memories are memories).

Can't fault SI so far, or our travel guru, Amit who has arranged everything admirably.


  1. Dear Kerry,
    My name is Daisy - I am a Ph.D. Candidate in cultural anthropology from New York City. I am currently in Mumbai for one year conducting research for my dissertation, and I would love to meet and learn more about your experience. Please be assured that I am not related to any media outlets and this research is purely academic in nature. Please feel free to contact me and perhaps we can meet while you're in Mumbai - my email is surrogacyinbombay (at) gmail.com.
    Thanks, and hope to speak with you soon,

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  3. Best of luck today and on Saturday. We're sending lots of good wishes and baby dust! Feel free to email when you have some time.... adistantmiracle@gmail.com

  4. Kerry,
    i can't beleive that you will be getting your 2ww soon. We're praying for a positive for you,
    best of luck,

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