Sunday, May 16, 2010

14 Weeks!!

We have now reached week forteen of our pregnancy with our SM.
This week we had a full range of scans sent to us of the baby. AMAZING :)

It feels so strange looking at these pictures.
Feeling so removed from the whole process, and so far away makes it feel unreal. Can these pictures really be of OUR baby!!!

Although we are still pregnant, I find it hard to allow myself to accept that we are.
We have both wanted this for so long....I don't think I will accept that this is real until the baby is in my arms....even then, it will feel like a dream.

I am really struggling with the idea of telling people about the pregnancy. When is the right time?? Women undergoing a normal pregnancy would have announced it by now...they would be showing a bump and would have to let people in on their excitement.

When is the right time to announce our pregnancy to our boss and announce it to work colleagues??

I feel like I am carrying the BIGGEST secret around. I actually feel that our pregnancy will become more real when everyone knows about it!!

I know I must be sounding like a complete basket case at the moment!! But really I am travelling along OK.
We are so very happy with how lucky we have been so far, we are feeling very blessed to have come this far. I have precious moments when I feel completely overwhelmed with joy at the prospect of becoming a MUM!!