Monday, December 7, 2009

February is getting close and closer

Since I last blogged we have been very busy.
We have now chosen our surrogate, which has been confirmed.
We have also chosen our egg donor, and are waiting confirmation on whether she is available in Feb.
I will email the docs today to see if we have a definite on that on that one.

With chosing the surrogate we definitely looked at height, and weight and also age. My husband was a very big baby and thought it best to attempt to chose a surrogate with a little more height than the others, and one that had a healthy BMI. Still was very hard to chose, I think we had it narrowed down to three at one point, we eventually chose a first and second preference, and twice we had a reply from the docs to say that both our first preferences had been taken....we eventually went with our second preference, which we had chosen on both accounts....I think she was meant to be!

Donor choice I found very hard, as this is to be the potential genetic mother of our child. We eventually got our choice down to two lovely ladies..... and really had to bite the bullet when giving our final decision. Our donor, if available in Feb, has been a proven sauccessful egg donor, with positive pregnancies, so that was a big swayer for us.

It has all felt very bazar. Sitting in your lounge room looking at faces, and profiles of theses women very far away. I really do have to pinch myself that we are actually doing this on many occasions.

Still have many things to organise, and February seems to be looming closer snd closer.

I have got a seven day break over Christmas so hope to get lots done then!!


  1. Hi, Kerry! I just found your blog. It looks like things a plugging along nicely with your surrogacy journey thus far. Wishing you success come this February!

  2. Wow, surrogates and donors are off your list! It is strange and so hard to pick but it gets done. Cant wait to see you in Feb. We are there from Feb. 8th -20th. Havent decided on hotel or anything yet!

    Good luck hun and i hope your donor is available! See you Soon.