Friday, November 6, 2009

Moving forward....

We have finally sent off all documents and enrollment fee to SI. Really hope to be looking at our ED and Surrogate profiles very soon...... hubby phoned me from work yesterday to tell me he had finally been able to transfer the money to India, he showed REAL excitement for the first time....I think he knows this is for real now....up and till now it has all been talk...we will now be getting into a BIT OF ACTION AND MOVING FORWARD......yeaaaaaaaaa !!!!!!!

What an ordeal I am finding this all to be....I feel like I have spent hours reading, researching , thinking, discussing, worrying, AND IT IS ONLY THE BEGINNING OF THIS LONG JOURNEY.

Sometimes I feel really strong , and feel that nothing will break my determination to have a family...other times I have to ask myself, why me, and become very self absorbed feeling sorry for myself.
Thank goodness most of the time I am able to carry on enjoying life for what I have already got...which is a GREAT deal...loving family, loving husband, healthy life, great friends, comfortable life style, great job, BUT there is always that one niggling thing at the back of my mind, that often comes to the forfront....a child to love and care for.....I have so much love to give, I sometimes think I could just burst.

But I can't be any happier and more thankful, than having this opportunity to travel to india and the chance to create a family.

I am feeling very positve about our trip to India, we have both always wanted to travel to india. When we both first met over ten years ago, we both talked about one day going there, and was hoping to travel last year for hubby's 40th Birthday but didn't quite make it, this is before we even new about surrogacy in this all seems like it was meant to be.....feeling like India will bring much new life our way, in both heart, soul and being.

On the home front.....Weather is VERY hot here today and is continuing to remain hot for the rest of the week...I think Summer is in the way. We will be in the midst of Summer when we depart for India....can't wait to meet the Doctors who are helping us through this will all become very real when we set foot off of the plane.

Our Molly dog has just got back from the vets....she is feeling very sorry for herself....with who knows how many stitches all over her body. She has had many growths removed and has also been desexed to hopefully prevent any more growths occuring. She has bounced back well for her age, from a three hour anaesthetic, but definitely needs some TLC for a while. She is currently sleeping very soundly in her basket in the nice cool of the airconditioning....thank god for cooling!! Heat wave hear we come!!


  1. oh, give your doggy a cuddle from me! it's so horrible when they're not very well.


  2. Doesnt it feel like a relief to send off those documents!! Dont go on information over load, reading too much can be very stressful. I have had those EXACT thoughts you are having now, your not the only one. Like the advise i have been getting, just take it one day at a time. its great to see the hubby get excited, huh...

    We'll see each other shortly, and dont get over whelmed looking at profiles