Friday, October 16, 2009

HIgh demand for Indian egg donors

Need to get my act together !! I have had an email from SI, stating that they have high demad for egg donors and advise us that we need to "freeze"" an egg donor soon.
We are still waiting for our passport which will take another 10 days approximately, which is part of the necessary paper work before you can commence looking at donors.
I am getting nervous that we will miss out on "freezing"" a suitable donor.

I suppose we all want the perfect donor......lets hope there is one left for us!! A lovely Indian lady that produces lots of good quality eggs. If only my eggs were up to scratch!!

Sometimes I really have to pinch myself that we are actually doing this.....I believe it will all become very real when we do start to look at donors....BIG decisions ahead.


  1. Good Luck!! you'll find the perfect one and things will fall into place. Have hope!! (since its your blog See u in Feb. :)

    Fingers crossed for both of us.

  2. It is VERY surreal when you get the profiles of your donors and start to look at them. It really starts to become exciting. All the best!

  3. Just chceking in and saying HI. hope all is well.