Monday, March 8, 2010

So Far So Good.....

Well, we spoke with the good Dr's .....and so far so good. We have a POSITIVE result!!!!!
Beta level of high 100's, 174 I think they said.
I still don't believe it......all feels very unreal.
They emailed us telling us congratulations, so I suppose at this stage we are pregnant......just really feels very strange.
We are both VERY happy, and really have no words to describe how we feel.
Just need to keep hanging on for more positive mind is doing backflips!!!

My heart goes out to Mandy, my dear surro really doesn't feel nice posting our positive news, when you have just been kicked in the guts.....our love and thoughts go out to you hun, they really is so hard to stay positive, but hang on in there.


  1. It is natural to feel as you are, we are all so close in this community we all feel the intense pain of each other when the news is not so good.


    Your good news -- your positive news -- is so important to share as it does give hope to others that this crazy journey we're on DOES work after all. Don't be afraid to share it. You deserve this time to celebrate.

  2. I agree with Todd Hun, I am thrilled one of us will be a mommy!! I AM SOOO HAPPY FOR YOU...CONGRATS!!! You and Doug are gonna be FAB parents. ur such a GREAT couple, we loved spending time with u guys!!

    It was a pleasure...please keep sharing your good news, i look forward to hearing makes me feel better!!

  3. Congrats!!! Yes, this is definitely inspiring news to those going through the process. With all highs and lows, we are here for each other. As all of us should journeying down this path - enjoy your happy news - you've earned it with all that you've been through thus far! xoxo

  4. Wow - congratulations! What wonderful news!!!

  5. That's a nice strong positive, which is definitely being celebrated around the world. So when are you going to rename your blog 'success in India'??

  6. It is exciting and at the same time unreal at the moment. But Kerrie, it's finally happening to us,
    best of luck on your journey,
    CC & John