Thursday, October 28, 2010

10 days old!!

Can't believe Ela is now 10 days old!!

We have been back to the doctors for a check up and all is GREAT, back up to birth weight of 2.3kg's, umbilicle cord has come off and is healing well. Slight jaundice has settled.

Ela loves her baths!! And just seems to get on with just about everything, nothing phases her at all.

A HUGE celebration dinner was put on by the SI Doctors last night. Many couples with babies and IP's were there to celebrate there success of reaching a mile stone of 50 BABIES!!! It was a great night, and a chance to show off our beautiful girl!! She was the perfect angel and slept through the entire night :)

All our paper are now with immigration, so we now wait........
We hope to have Ela's citizenship by Monday, all being well.
Looking forward to getting back to OZ and celebrating some more, with our close family and friends!

                                                             PERFECT ELA!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. She is beautiful! Congratulations!

  2. She is adorable!!!! Glad all going well and things are ok thus far with getting home...

  3. Wow, she looks absolutely beautiful and healthy and PERFECT! Congratulations! I couldn't be happier for you.

  4. Perfect indeed. Love the posts, pics & just everything. Enjoy and have fun being mummy.

    So happy for you and Doug!!

  5. Hi Kerry, how are things going? Just wondering how you guys got on with and if you are out of India?

    Did you get your DNA test prior to receiving your birth certificate? Do you have a contact that helped with this?