Thursday, August 19, 2010

It's been a while!

What can I say.....time is moving along VERY quickly now. Both Doug and I have been so busy with his business. Things are starting to settle a little now, BIG SIGH OF RELIEF I CAN TELL YOU.

I have now spoken to my lovely manager at the hospital regarding our up and coming birth, and she was VERY understanding. She has allowed me to drop my hours to help hubby with the business and I am now coping alot better.

We are now 28 weeks!!!! We had a small scare the other day with our surrogate being admitted to the SI clinic with low amtiotic fluid. The good doctors were onto it quick smart and they rehydrated her with extra IV fluids and......all is well.They did say it was nothing to worry about, but you just can't help but worry. I feel much better now to hear everything is back to normal.

We have now been offered a nice cot and change table from friends of friends that is in perfect nick. Need to go and pick it up this weekend if the weather stays nice enough to put it on the back of the ute. Need to start getting organised for the little ones arrival me thinks......IS THIS REALLY HAPPENING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We have booked flights to India for Nov 6th, both my Mum and Dad are coming too, to help, and be a part of this very speacial time.

Here's hoping the next ten weeks or so are SMOOTH sailing.

A BIG CONGRATULATIONS Amani, Bob and Jo and Timmy - you have been my inspiration from the very start of this journey. I am just SOOOOOOOOOOOOO happy for you all.


  1. Fingers crossed and see you in Mumbai in November
    Ula and Saul

  2. this is great news! the time will pass quickly before you know it. i agree it is great and reassuring to be surrounded by those who are now having their babies knowing you'll be next. it's also so good that your mom and dad will be along with you, makes it all so special and memorable

  3. Oh Kerrie!! Time has flown by since i last saw you, and the next time i see a pic its going to be with your BABY!! Mummy guys are going ot be such great parents. Its so great your parents are going to be apart of it, especially to help you...All the best and ditto on the smooth sailing hun!