Saturday, July 18, 2009

We have pretty much decided to go with the Surrogacy India clinic in Mumbai, after visiting many websites and blog sites.

Very difficult decision to make when you have never seen or visited the place.

My gut feeling is saying SI i s the clinic for us.

I now need to get Australian medical records together to send to the clinic.

We are hoping to book flights to India for January 2010.
There is a current sale which ends at the end of July for flights with (I think it is) Malasian Airlines, $1300. The clinic have said that January will be fine.

Spoke to an Indian friend today who I used to work with. She was very happy for me, and has wished me well with our journey. She will be back in India, May next year, and has invited us to visit her if we are in India later in the year.

Better get my act together and get all my medical records organised!!!

Wandering how soon we will get to choose a surrogate, and donar for our trip in January ??

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